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Derbyshire Twins, aged 7, inspired to help street children of Mumbai

SEVEN-YEAR-OLD twins from a Derby school have been inspired to fund-raise for a charity that supports homeless children in Mumbai after a trip to India.

Freya and Satia Badwal, of Aston-on-Trent, saw the work of the Vatsalya Foundation first-hand when they visited India for a family wedding.

The girls met a six-year-old boy who was being cared for by the foundation after being found alone on the streets looking after his three-year-old sister.

Moved by what they saw, the girls decided they wanted to help and started fund-raising by getting pupils to wear their clothes back to front for a day at Derby High School, which they attend. Their efforts raised £220.

They have created a web page, where more than £200 has been donated, and made a YouTube video.

The twins have asked their parents, Harvey and Karen, if they can volunteer at the foundation next year.

Freya said they were keen to help the children who are cared for by the foundation, which supports around 4,000 children every year.

She said: “The charity gives children an education, food and beds. Life for children out there is very different. We know how lucky we are. We met a six-year-old boy who had been found on the streets looking after his three-year-old sister. That made us feel a bit sad but he is happy now. We hope that by raising money the children can have more food and a happier life.”

Freya and Satia have also given pupils a presentation during an assembly. Satia said: “It was really good, I was a bit nervous and we both had butterflies but after reading the first sentence it was fine.

“When we were in India, most of the children at the charity didn’t have shoes or toys and we would like to take some of our old toys so that they can enjoy them.”

Mr Badwal said that he and his wife were extremely proud of their daughters. He said: “When we were driving around India, the girls saw children on the streets and we asked at the hotel, where we were staying, if there were any charities that we could visit. They suggested the Vatsalya Foundation.

“On the flight back, we asked the girls what the best part of the holiday was and they said it was the visit to the foundation. They said they wanted to help and came up with the idea of getting their school involved.”

The girls’ fund-raising web page can be found at:

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