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The United Nations defines a street child as, “Any child for whom the street is the habitual abode and/or a source of livelihood.” It is estimated that there are 250,000 such street children in Mumbai alone. These children perform such menial unskilled jobs as rag picking, scavenging garbage, polishing shoes, selling drugs, or begging. This type of exploitative life produces such negative effects as stunted growth, increased susceptibility to disease, and psychological scarring. This work also deprives the children of an education that will allow them the mental growth necessary to escape this degradation.

The founder of this website has visited Mumbai more than 20 times over the last 12 years and on his first trip there he was devastated to see so many children living on the streets and wanted to do something to help. The original plan was to directly provide food and education, however the licences required for that were extensive, so instead he decided to personally visit many of existing charities that purported to help street children and then list only the best of them on this website and provide other help and assistance to those charities and match make them with potential donors.

MSCEN.org, is a networking site, which brings together NGOs who help fight for the rights of these street children. MSCEN plan to bring together several NGOs in Mumbai, so that we the people learn about the work they are involved in and how we can extend a helping hand and act as light guiding these kids towards the right path by helping out in whatever manner we can.

MSCEN is a fast growing NGO networking site and is looking towards adding more NGOs which we feel are making a difference in the lives of these street children.

Do write to know more on child rights or share with us your suggestions, comments and queries. It’s the only way we’ll know how you feel about India’s children.

“True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense.” – Emanuel Swedenborg

Suggested Charity

St. Catherine’s Home

Founded in 1922, St. Catherine’s Home was Ida Dickenson’s initiative to provide shelter and an environment of love and care to homeless girls, especially unmarried mothers. In December 1927, when she could no more manage the work, the Bishop of Bombay requested the Daughters of the Cross to take over her work. The charism of the Daughters of the Cross is to reach out to the weakest and most suffering members of society. Over nine decades of working with and for the girls, the ultimate goal of St. Catherine’s Home is empowering deprived, abused, underprivileged girls and young women to...
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