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Fulora Foundation
23 Apr 2014
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The FULORA Foundation is a charitable Trust working for the benefit for the under privileged children & street children in Mumbai. Eminent educationalist and Ex Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University Late Prof. Ram Joshi formed this organization in 1984, after rigorous survey carried out at various places and remand homes. Then subsequently we have registered the Fulora Foundation, as a public charitable trust vides registration No. E-16342 (Mumbai) Under Public Charitable Trust Act-1950.

Trust has started various activities under the guidance of Late Prof. Ram Joshi. In view of the scope of the work and the response achieved from the society has encouraged us to form the Governing Body to handle the various projects.

FULORA FOUNDATION is one of the Mumbai’s largest private relief and development organization. Founded in 1984 and registered as a Public Charitable Trust in the 1996 after the detailed study for almost 12 years by eminent educationist & ex vice-chancellor of Mumbai University Late Prof. Ram Joshi. FULORA FOUNDATION has become a leader in sustainable development and emergency aid, reaching tens of millions of people each year in more than 60 places in Maharashtra and Gujarat. For more than 7 years now, FULORA FOUNDATION has been a vehicle of Mumbai’s generosity towards the Society.

FULORA FOUNDATION reaches out to the Children whose lives are devastated by humanitarian emergencies, or who are struggling each day in poor communities to survive and improve their lives. FULORA FOUNDATION focuses its approach at the family and community levels. We believe that each and every child should enjoy a basic level of livelihood security. This means that every child should have:

Health care
A place to live
A safe and healthy environment
The ability to participate in decisions affecting their life, community and country.
FULORA FOUNDATION ‘s programs seek to help poor children obtain this security. FULORA FOUNDATION seeks a world of tolerance and social justice, where people have overcome poverty and live in dignity and security.
Why support Fulora foundation
The trust has undertaken some unique projects
Rehabilitation of Government Beggars Centre at Chembur
Our Mumbai project
Mumbai goes 21st century development to City Wide!
Road Signage’s
Junction Improvements in major Cross Roads
Clean and accident free walk way’s and crossings
Cross Roads improvement to suit Senior Citizens as well as Handicapped citizens.
Beggars free Streets.
Road Improvements
Clean Stink free Bus Shelters.
State of the Art Coin operated Toilets
Improved Garbage disposal System

Compulsory implementation of Sanitation Laws and improvement of linkages of private drains with the help of the NGO’s
Creation of more Portable Stink Free State of the Art Coin Operated Toilets.

Citizens Partnership

Self-Assessment Schemes

Sustainable Solutions

Future Undertakings

The FULORA FOUNDATION wants to focus on the following issues:
Upgrade the information systems relevant to decision making in particularly Information Technology, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning
Stimulate corporate and industry involvement in the city by funding towards the maintenance of civic assets and important programmes
Help develop internal capacity of the agencies by enhancing skills, attitudes and planning.

It is imperative for the FULORA FOUNDATION to play many roles in order to meet its objective of offering better urban governance and infrastructure.

It is to be involved in revenue enhancements and the process of ensuring financial independence for the concerned departments with the help of NGO programme so as to ensure that the efforts are sustainable.