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23 Apr 2014
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Amcha Ghar, a home for girls is dedicated to helpless female children – irrespective of their religion or caste- who are susceptible to the vulnerable conditions of living on the street. The home aims to educate the girls in an English medium school, to train and transform them into skilled adult women who are able to live an independent life in the main stream of society. The house began with three children and is now home to 30 with hundreds on the waiting list. They are listed among the leading students and are known for their loving nature and discipline. The main objective is to give them an opportunity in life that protects them from falling in to the clutches of the darker side of society.

Amcha Ghar – MSCEN


This organization came into existence thanks to Ms. Susheela Singh and Mr. Anthony Dias who had witnessed sexual abuse and prejudice cases towards girl children living on the street. The project was created to prevent the girl child from falling into the clutches of pimps and commercial sex work, abuse, and vulnerability to the various conditions of living without proper accommodation.

The concept of Amcha Ghar originated after Ms. Singh and Mr. Dias approached several institutions that took care of girl children. What they came to realize was that no home catered to semi-orphan children or to those living in vulnerable situations. The girls were denied admission if they had a single parent.

Relatives of the girls sexually exploit, abuse, and take advantage of their vulnerability. A single parent often would go to work leaving their children in the hands of a vulnerable and exploitive society. From the experience of witnessing such helplessness Ms. Singh and Mr. Dias were inspired to form a unique organization that would serve those that were living in such situations.

What we do

Redeem girls from the clutches of pimps and prostitutes, save them from begging or working at a young age, intervene in abusive situations, rescue them from people that take advantage of a child’s vulnerability.

Amcha Ghar works with rejected children, orphans who do not know their origin, children who are forcibly given drugs, children abused by their relatives, children who have witnessed the act of suicide of their family, and children deserted due to poverty and hardship.

These children are often found on the street, crossroads, parks, parking lots, pavement, beaches, slums, and in unhygienic conditions.

Amcha Ghar children are educated in an English Medium School. We accept that not all children are good at academics therefore we place emphasis on vocational development. Their interests are encouraged and opportunities are provided to pursue their aptitude. Classes in drawing, singing, music, self-defence, sewing, and computer education are provided. We hope that through a broad spectrum of education, academic and vocational, facing the future is rich with opportunity.

Amcha Ghar – MSCEN

• Amcha Ghar, a residential home for girls
• English Medium School for girls and community
• Three kindergarten schools
• Community development
• Vocational development

Future goals

The organization plans to open a full-fledged compact campus that would consist of a school, residency, and a technical institute. The facility would cater to the inmates and children that lack the financial resource to attend school. A vocational training facility is needed to empower the people of Uttan. We hope to provide the community with this opportunity in the future.

Our short-term goals include purchasing a form of transportation for the students that attend school in, and outside of Uttan. We hope to obtain land and construct a house for them in an independent place.
Expansion of our project, and the acceptance of more children is hoped for in the near future. While reaching our goals it is always a constant aim to keep our mission in mind and provide the most efficient and caring staff to nurture this valuable project and maintain its sustainability.

Contact details

Susheela Singh (foundress)

Deep Sagar Building
4th floor,Light House Road
Uttan, Bhayander (w)
Thane -401106
Tel: 022-8451022
Qualification BSW & (MBA)

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